What is Loyalty Hub?

Loyalty Hub was founded in 2020 under LOYALTY HUB LLC.

Loyalty Hub is a mobile application which contains loyalty cards for participating outlets around the UAE, you will be able to search for offers from each individual outlet and collect loyalty tokens towards redeeming rewards for your loyal custom. Additionally you will be rewarded for using the App, collect the required amount of loyalty tokens monthly to be entered into our monthly prize draws.

Look after those who look after you.

Participating outlets can stand out on category pages with featured listings for extra exposure and a variety of other feature enhancements and digital marketing support toolsare available upon request.

How does Loyalty Hub work?

Users can browse for restaurants, cafe’s, attractions and servicesbased on their individual requirements for the loyalty scheme being offered.

Search facility allows for relevant finding based on location, category and favourites.

When you visit the outlet or receive a service, present your digital loyalty card and scan the QR code to collect Loyalty Tokens. Tokens are collected by scanning the QR Code. Once you have the required amount of tokens that you have collected over time you will be eligible to be rewarded.
each outlet will have their own deals and terms and conditions so be sure to check them out first.

How does the monthly competition work?

Loyalty Hub is all about loyalty, and loyalty given should be rewarded, therefore when you use the App and collect the required amount of loyalty tokens, combined in the App, you will be entered into the monthly prize draw. You will automatically be entered when you collect the required amount of tokens in the month and this will show in the ‘competition’ section of the App as well as details of the competition running for that month.

What offers can I find on the loyalty cards?

You can find offers for restaurants, leisure and entertainment, beauty salons, spas and Much Much More.
Each outlet will have their own individual offers from discounts to free stuff.

Are there any restrictions on the loyalty cards?

All of our loyalty cards are subject to rules of use to protect both our users and our outlet partner rights. Please ensure you read the rules of use before trying to redeem loyalty tokens to avoid any misunderstanding or disappointment.

How Many times can I use the loyalty card?

The loyalty cards are limitless, once its full and you collected all the required tokens and received your rewards, the loyalty card will become like new and you can start to collect tokens again.

If an outlet has more than one branch, can I collect/redeem loyalty at any branch?

If a outlet has more than one branch location, the offer rules of use will state which branches the offer will be valid in. When redeeming, ensure you select the correct branch.

Where can I find the rules of use for the loyalty cards?

Each loyalty card is subject to its individual rules of use. You can find the rules of use below each loyalty card listed in The Loyalty Hub App. Please read thoroughly before trying to redeem to avoid any misunderstanding or disappointment.

Do I need Internet connection to use the App and collect and redeem loyalty tokens?

Yes! You will need an internet connection to both use The Loyalty Hub App and collect and redeem Loyalty tokens. In addition, to use location services or find contact details and further details for the participating outlets you will need to ensure you have a secure connection.

What are the special features to make my business stand out?

Participating outlets will have their own page in the App that displays their company logo, up to 4 cover photos and their own tailor made loyalty cards with offers designed to suit business needs. On your page there will also be a link to call, email and access your website and a small description about your company.

A variety of other feature enhancements and digital marketing support tools are available upon request.

How can I join the loyalty hub app to list my business?

If you have a business that you would like to list in the Loyalty Hub App, we’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can drive business to your door, increase your revenue and develop a long-term partnership for your online marketing. Just send an inquiry to us on info@loyaltyhubapp.com or a direct message through our contact us section, mentioning your request and business type, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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